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Bahasa Indonesia Lessons for Foreigners in Jakarta, Bekasi, and Cikarang Area Professional

1 minggu yang lalu Jasa Jakarta   27 dilihat

6,500,000 Rp

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Lokasi: Jakarta
Harga: 6,500,000 Rp

WA 0813-1692-4518 Bahasa Indonesia Lessons for Foreigners in Jakarta, Bekasi, Cikarang area. 

If you want to study bahasa Indonesia, you can contact that whatsapp numbers. And you can have private sessions with our teacher online or if you want to have the lessons onsite, we will send you our teachers to your very own place in Jakarta, Bekasi, and Cikarang. 

Our Programs are:

1. Bahasa Indonesia Umum (General Indonesian)

2. Bisnis Indonesia (Business in Indonesian) 

And the following are the levels:

1. Dasar 1 or Basic 1

2. Dasar 2 or Basic 2

3. Dasar 3 or Basic 3

4. Menengah 1 or Intermediate 1

5. Menengah 2 or Intermediate 2

6. Mahir 1 or Advanced 1

7. Mahir 2 or Advanced 2

Visit or visit IG:bahasa_cornerAnd for fast response feel free to contact the afformentioned numbers above.