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BukaKopi E-Commerce Coffee Private

11 bulan yang lalu Cari Investor Malang   240 dilihat

30,000,000 Rp

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Lokasi: Malang
Harga: 30,000,000 Rp

Bukakopi provides a place to sell and buy all coffee products, and helps consumers find prices directly from producers. Specifically for the coffee shops we have provided an application to help management shop. BukaKopi tagline is "Coffee, when your brain needs a hug!"

1. E-commerce (A place to bring together sellers and buyers to transact anything related to coffee)
2. Point Of Sales (An application for help management shops.)

Target Market 118.7 Million People (internet users in indonesia)

  • TAM 269.6 Million
  • SAM 118.7 Million
  • SOM 17.6 Million

Business or Revenue Model
We take a 10% commission on each transactions from bukakopi and we take a commision from a plan in POS appication.

More information or other project you can ask in WA 085606330792 or

Thank You

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Nama Proyek BukaKopi
Lokasi Proyek Malang
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Kebutuhan Investasi 30000000