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Build 10 Television Stations - TV Internet Personal

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Lokasi: Bandung
Harga: Rp11.500.000.000 Nego

In2018 we will focus on developing Internet-based TV as we look at opportunitiesin this media business and hope to contribute to rapidly growing and rapidlydeveloping innovation. Internet TV is a brand that we will stack in thisactivity.

InternetTV is the concept of TV broadcasting on the Internet where there are someadvantages over terrestrial TV is among others such as broader coverage, livebroadcast system that can be directly recorded when completed, video on demandwith large file storage, the strength of a powerful server, knowing the numberviewers etc. Segment audience is wide, from the age of 18-55 with theclassification of A, B, C Because at least have a good Gadget to watch theevents that we convey.

The development plan to be implemented in 2018 aims to open Internet TV stations in 10 cities in Indonesia. The news network is a major strength apart from theconcept of the media itself so that the first step is to build Internet TV in10 cities in Indonesia a an estimated cost of £ 600,553 (Pounds Sterling) or Rp.11.500.000.000 (Eleven Billion Five Hundred Million Rupiah) which can laterbe transferred to the account of President Director CV.Sriwijaya Mandiri onbehalf of Hj. Ake Gustini Dewi.


Thecities targeted in establishing Internet TV are as follows:

Java Island


2.Televisinet Surabaya

3. Yogjakarta

4. Jakarta

Kalimantan Island

5. Banjarmasin      


Bali Island

7. Bali                  

Sumatera Island

8. Medan    

9. Palembang        

Sulawesi Island

10. Makassar        

From this Internet TV Business we have identified 4 main Sources of potentialincome, they are :

1.    Coverage between £ 16 - £ 26 witha potential duration of 3 minutes per month that could generate £ 2,350

2.   Live Program

a.    Routine Programs: Resourcepersons £ 26 - £ 52, potentially generating £ 3,133 per month

b.   Blocking: £ 235 - £ 261potentially per month yielding £ 2,089

c.    Contract: £ 261 potentiallygenerates £ 2,089 per month, -

3.   Banner, potential to generate £522 per month, -

4.   Event Organizer, potentiallygenerating £ 7,833 per month, -


InTwo years Internet TV has the potential to produce £ 18.017 per month, - sopotentially per year generate £ 216,199.

It is predicted that the third year will be able to return investors' funds.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Detail Tambahan

Nama Proyek Build 10 Television Stations - TV Internet
Sifat Tawaran Proyek Tidak Mendesak
Konsep Dapat Nego Ya
Konsep Kerjasama Join Venture
Kebutuhan Investasi Peralatan dan Operasional
Nilai Proyek 11.500.000.000
Durasi Proyek (bulan/tahun) 3 Tahun
Status Proyek Akan Dimulai
Tahapan Proyek Pengembangan
Lokasi Proyek 10 Kota di Indonesia
Masa Tawaran Proyek 3 bulan