Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

1.    Preamble

This Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as“Terms and Conditions”, is an agreement between Project.id (hereinafterreferred to as “the Site”, “we”, “us” and “our”) and you as the User,hereinafter referred to as “the User”, you, your, yours”; that outlines theterms and conditions of the use of products and services of the Site(hereinafter referred to as “the Service”), and any components and otherderivatives thereof.

By visiting, accessing, searching, downloading, purchasing,subscribing, doing transaction, placing the ad or any other activity that itscharacteristic can be categorized as using the Site, therefore you as the Userherewith agree with the Terms and Conditions stipulated herein, and also agreewith the other entire supporting agreements, privacy policy and any otherprovisions stipulated herein, including, but not limited to, the Terms andConditions of the use of the Site, all components and any other itsderivatives, directly or indirectly of the Service, that maybe updated oraltered by the Site at any time under the Site’s policy, with or without theUser’s agreement.

Furthermore, you accept and agree that this Terms and Conditions is a legal contract and valid since you use the Site.

You totally have the right to discontinue the use ofService in the Site, if you do not agree with this Terms and Conditions.


2.    Definition

a)    Site:

Siteis a website where the address is in www.project.id.

Awebsite that deals with the ads business, with the main listed products are “projectseeks investor”, “business for sale”, “seek business partner”, and many otherlisting developments from various kinds of industry fields.

b)    User:

A person, or people, or company, or any organization who visiting, accessing,searching, downloading, purchasing, subscribing, doing transaction, placing thead, giving response or comment, or any other activity that its characteristiccan be categorized as using the Site, including registered user and unregistered user.

c)    Service:

Anykinds of digital product and digital service that is provided by the Site forthe User, either physically or non-physically, either free or paid service,which aims to result the added value for all parties (both for the Site and forthe User).

d)    User Account:

Accountis a group of data associated with a certain User in the system where the Siteis running, that is used to access and to use a certain function or somefeatures of the Site Service.

Eachaccount consists of username (name of User) and password (pass key), emailaddress of the User and other required data, also it defines the securityaccess level of a person into the Site. 

Dataof email address and password as given by the User in the registration processor in the login process is the User’s data, that the User is obliged tomaintain its confidentiality and its security by himself, and is obliged tokeep the User Account from any abuse, and the User is fully responsible for the activities occur under that User Account.

e)    Site Administrator:

SiteAdministrator is a person or a group of people from the Site, who has a fullauthorization to conduct the management of the Site, including but not limitedto, to make setting and management of the User Account, to activate theaccount, to deactivate the account, to reset the password, to manage thecontent of the account, and to delete the account from the Site system.

SiteAdministrator has a full authorization to conduct the management of the Sitecontent, including but not limited to, to monitor the User’s activity, to filterthe content of the posting (either the ad, comment, article, or any othermaterial) posted by the User, to delete the content of the posting (either thead, comment, article, or any other material) from the User, without any priornotification to the User, at anytime, if regarded as necessary by the Site;such as it occurs the indication of nonconformance or violation against thisTerms and Conditions.

f)     Advertiser

Advertiseris a person or a group of people who uses the Service in the Site, by placingthe ad, either free or paid ad service.

g)    Seller

Selleris a person or a group of people, or company who uses the Service in the Site,to sell his/her product or service, or seeking investor for his/her project,seeking buyer for his/her business (business for sale) or seeking business partner, by placing the ad, either free or paid ad service.

h)    Buyer/Investor

Buyeris a person or a group of people, or company who uses the Service in the Site,to search, to purchase, to invest and/or to cooperated with the project, theproduct or the service as sold or offered by the Advertiser or by the Seller.

i)     Products& Services

Productsand Services are the goods, and or services provided by the Advertiser or the Seller,that are advertised in the Site, for the purpose to be purchased, to be used orto be funded by the Buyer/Investor.

j)     Project(s)

Project(s)is an activity / a program that is temporarily already determined about its starttime and its finish time (usually it is limited by time, and it is limited bythe fund source), to achieve the goal and the specific and unique result, andmostly it results some useful changes or it will have an added value.

Inthis Site, the project(s) (“project seeks investor”) is an activity / a programthat will be conducted / is being conducted by the Advertiser and it needs anInvestor to fund or to cooperate with in the project. 

k)    Business

Businessis an activity / attempt that is conducted by individual, group or company thathas goal to increase the profit and added value, either technically oreconomically; commonly the business is an activity having business legality anlicenses, or it can be small-middle-scale business that is run by an individual.

Inthis Site, business (“business for sale”) is a business/attempt that will besold by the Advertiser / Seller to the Buyer/Investor who is interested in it,after reaching agreement about its price, other terms and conditions between parties. 

l)    Membership

Membershipis a kind of User registration that is chosen by the User himself, underlimitation and feature that have been known before by the User when doing the registration.

m)   Listing Package

ListingPackage is a mutual contract between the Site and the User on a certain adlisting under the certain limitation and feature that have been known before bythe User when doing the registration.


3.    General Principle

a.   The Site is a business group, that is establishedbased on and abide by the Law of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, the Useragrees that this Terms and Condition abides by the legal jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia.

b.   The main business of the Site is operating the adswebsite, with the main listed products are “project seeks investor”, “business for sale”, “seek business partner”, and many other listing developments from various kinds of industry fields, by online basis; with the system where the ad contentis provided by the User himself, where the advertiser or seller and the buyer/investor can directly communicate each other.

c.    The Site operates the business in the principle of “asavailable”, it means as long as the supporting conditions that support the Siteto run well can be fulfilled, under any deficiency and limitation in servingthe User, in other word: “as it is”, with the purpose to improve the added value for the User and for the Site. 

d.   The Site has the full authorization to conduct anychanges in the Site Service (either changes of Site display and feature), toconduct repair, to develop, to adjust the membership program and Serviceprogram (either its feature and price), to update, to upgrade the performance,to maintain the Site periodically, for the purpose to improve the added valuefor the Site and for the User, at anytime without prior notification to the User. 

e.   If any misinterpretation or inconsistency occursbetween this Terms and Conditions in any other language (not in Indonesianlanguage) with the Indonesian version, therefore the Indonesian version shallbe used as the valid correction reference.

f.     If any dispute arises between the Site and the User,therefore the main solution shall be solved through the mutual agreementbetween the Site and the User. If the mutual agreement cannot solve theproblem, therefore the Site and the User agree to solve it in the Court of theRepublic of Indonesia.


4.   Limitation of Liability

a)    The Site is not responsible for the validity or thecorrectness of the data and information as provided by the User, Seller orAdvertiser, such as the information of ad title, description, price, contact number, product quality, kondisi proyek, kondisi bisnis as illustrated by theUser, Seller or Advertiser.

TheUser, Seller and Advertiser is fully responsible for the correctness of thedata, information and or the material provided by the User, Seller orAdvertiser in relation with the Site Service.

b)    The Site is not responsible for the service by theSeller or Advertiser to the Buyer/Investor, including but not limited to: the payment, delivery, after-sale, cooperation or other Seller’s / Advertiser’s serviceto the Buyer/Investor.

Interactionbetween the Seller or Advertiser and the Buyer/Investor is purely based on theinitiative between the Seller or Advertiser and the Buyer/Investor; while theSite is not responsible for the risk or any loss or any lost occurs due to the interaction between the Seller or Advertiser and the Buyer/Investor.

c)    The Site is not responsible for updating the admaterial as provided and published by the Seller or Advertiser, if actually it does not meet the product/service/project/business actual condition.

d)   The Site is notresponsible for any guarantee / warranty (if any) as provided by the Seller orAdvertiser regarding the sold product by the Seller or Advertiser, includingnot responsible for any damage or any loss, either directly or indirectly,either material or non-material, either intentionally or unintentionally,either due to negligence or other mistake, arising from any agreement or fromcertain transaction between the Seller or Advertiser and the Buyer/Investor,for any product, service, project, business or ad as published in the Site.

e)    The Site is not responsible for any loss caused by theSeller or Advertiser is not willing to sell or cancel his/her product, service,project or business.

f)      The Site is not responsible for making the price offeror terms and condition of the products, services, projects or businesses thatis published in the Site by the Seller or Advertiser.

g)    The Site is not responsible for the delivery of theproducts, services, projects or business as sold or as offered by the Seller orAdvertiser to the Buyer/Investor, including the process of pre-delivery orpost-delivery.

h)    The Site is not responsible for any loss eitherdirectly or indirectly, either material or non-material that arisen due to theoccurrence of the following matter, in relation the Site performance:

1)    It occurs technical problem in the server of the Site(minor and major)

2)    It occurs Force Majeure, such as:

2.1        Natural disaster: suchas earthquake, flood, tsunami, storm, landslide.

2.2        War

2.3        Riots

2.4        Banning

2.5        Monetary Crisis

2.6        Fire disaster

2.7        Strike

2.8        Rebellion

2.9        Criminal action

2.10     Hacker attack

3)    It occurs other condition outside the authority andoutside the capability of the Site to solve it.

4)    It occurs any lost happened on the User side, such as:

a.            Time lost

b.            User’s data lost

c.            Business value lost

d.            Profit lost

e.            Business potential lost

f.             Lost of anything thatcannot be predicted before.

5)    There is an authority by the government or the authorizedinstitution so that it causes the Site Service stopped.

6)    There is intervention by the other third party so thatit causes the Site Service stopped.


i)     The User speciallyunderstands and agrees that the use of Service in the Site by the User has therisk and under the policy of the User himself/herself. Where any risk such asloss or damage arising from the use of the Site is fully under the User’sresponsibility.


5.    Use of Site Service

The Userunderstands and agrees the Terms and Conditions of the use of Site Service, as following:

a)    User’s Obligation:

In usingthe Site Service, the User, Seller and Advertiser are obliged to ensure thefollowing items firstly:

1)    The advertisedproducts, services, projects and businesses are not the products, services projectsand businesses that are prohibited by the Law of the Republic of Indonesia.

2)   The advertised products, services, projects and businesses are the products,services, projects and businesses that are provided by the Seller or Advertiseror its affiliate, not the products, services, projects and businesses of theother third party.

3)   The advertised products, services, projects and businesses have therelationship with the selling, offering, seeking for investor, funding or doingtransaction for the products, services, projects and business.

4)   The correctness of the products, services, projects and businessesinformation as advertised is in accordance with the description as provided inthe published ad, including the product/service/project/business name, adtitle, price, function or other information.

5)   Any data, information, link, picture or other material provided andattached by the User, Seller or Advertiser has its respective consequences(either legal consequences or economic consequences) under its attachment.

6)   Any User’s activity in the Site, including but not limited to, using theSite, visiting, accessing, searching, downloading, purchasing, subscribing,doing transaction, placing the ad, giving response or comment, or doing anyother activity in the Site, has already been aware and well-considered by theUser.

Any risk or any arising loss due to not paying attention on the abovementionedUser’s obligation, is fully under the User’s responsibility.

b)    Prohibition

In usingthe Site Service, the User is prohibited to conduct the following actions:

1)    Using theSite with any method that has potency to overload, to disable, to break, tointerfere or to block the Service for running well.

2)   Using any program for any purpose, either virus, robot, malware, spyware,device or any other illegal program that has potency to interfere the SiteService, and that has potency to endanger the Site’s or the other User’sinterest.

3)   Trying to access illegally on any part of or the entire Site, withoutprior consent from the Site.

4)   Doing buy and sell or transferring the User account to other third party,without prior consent from the Site.

5)   Placing the fake ad, that is not the User’s right, that has potency to misleadother User.

6)   Placing the ad that is prohibited by the Law of the Republic ofIndonesia, that has potency to disturb the public order or to make the societyworry, including but not limited to the following ads:

a)   Ad that is making the third party suffer loss in any way;

b)   Ad that is violating the intellectual property right;

c)   Ad that has potency to harassing any ethnicity, religion, race andinter-group relation;

d)   Ad that contains element of porn, including sex drugs, abortion drugs, sex stimulants, sex toy and their similar products or services;

e)   Ad about the product of the drugs and narcotics;

f)     Ad about the product of tobacco and alcohol, or its derivative;

g)   Ad about the service of hacking, cracking and tapping;

h)   Ad about the gambling, lottery and any similar kinds;

i)     Ad about scam, such as Multilevel Marketing (MLM), HYIP, money game,pay-to-click, high-risk investment, or any other scam ad;

j)     Ad that has purpose to make any fraud in any way;

k)   Ad that contains violence element, such as displaying torture, blood,indecent treatment and any other;

l)     Ad about the weapon or military device that is illegal (black market),such as explosive, sharp weapon, firearms, or other kinds of weapon;

m)  All ads ofproducts, services, projects and businesses having a part or entire elements ofthe abovementioned points as in point a) to point l).

7)   Giving the comment that is sensitive and has potency to harass anyethnicity, religion, race and inter-group relation.

8)   Threatening or intimidating the Site or other User.

9)   Doing any effort that has potency to make the Site or other User suffersloss, either potency of loss materially or non-materially.

10) Doing thecontent copying, alteration, modification, manipulation, reproduction, orpublication in other place, of a part or the whole content of the Site, withthe purpose of making the Site or other User suffers loss, without any prior consentfrom the Site.

The violation against theabovementioned prohibition can result to the deactivation of the User’s accountor the deletion of the ad content by the Site Administrator at anytime, withoutprior notification to the User.

The serious violationagainst the abovementioned prohibition can be followed up by the Site byreporting it to the authorized institution to proceed the applicable legalprocess.


6.   Indemnity

The User hereby agree to indemnify, to release and to defend the Site,the Site Owner, Site officer, Director, Commissioner, officer, employee,supplier, Site affiliate and Site agency, harmless from any claim or demand,liability, compensation and any cost arising from or related with the use ofSite Service; due to any User’s violation against any third party, includingbut not limited to the violation of the intellectual property right, currentasset or fixed asset, privacy right and or any claim related with the User’s action that causing the loss for the third party.     

7.    Paid Service

The Site has the full authorization to determine any price and to chargeany fee from any Service provided by the Site to the User; by the condition,feature and price that has been firstly known by the User before doing purchaseor subscription transaction.

The User hereby understands and agrees that the User who is using thePaid Service or the free Service in the Site has already understood and agreedwith this Terms and Conditions.

If the User does not agree with this Terms and Conditions, therefore theUser has the right to discontinue the Paid Service or the free service of theSite.

The User hereby understands and agrees that if the User has alreadyconducted purchase or subscription transaction on the Site to place the ad,therefore there is no refund for any membership contract and listing packagethat has been agreed and done its transaction by the User.


Listing Package of any membership contract that has been taken and paidby the User is a mutual agreement between the Site and the User, where theactive duration period of the ad listing and ad feature shall be in accordancewith what is selected and taken by the User when placing the ad listing.


8.    Feedback

The Siteaccepts any question related with the Site Service, and this Terms and Condition,that can be delivered to our Customer Service in: mail.project.id@gmail.com